Security Consulting

Security Coordinating

We coordinate appropriate security systems according to various scenes, requests, and situations. 


We build security systems from the ground up based on international standards recognized by overseas companies and events. Security for visiting foreign dignitaries, security for visiting foreign sports teams, security for visiting foreign artists, security for overseas events, security for overseas travel, dispatching security coordinators, dispatching security directors, selecting and contracting with local security companies We provide comprehensive support by security professionals, including selection and contracting support of local security companies, management, supervision and guidance of local security, hotel security, airport security, event security, etc.


Security Planning

Based on the results of threat assessments and security checks, we tailor security planning for each project and location, all from scratch.


We support the collection of necessary information, threat assessment, and the establishment of appropriate security and security systems for corporate offices, security at events, private residences, security for visiting dignitaries, security at events for visiting dignitaries, security at overseas branches, security for employees dispatched overseas, and so on, regardless of whether in Japan or overseas. We support the establishment of appropriate security and security systems.



Security Education and Seminars

We dispatch our instructors for variety of seminar context in needs for cooperate, organizations, public institutions, local authorities and schools.


> Schools and PTA

 School risk and management, anti-crime for protecting children and anti-crime seminar for children.

> Public Institutions and Local Authorities

 Risk management training, safe manager training, anti-crime volunteer training

> Corporate and Labor Unions

 Staff training, safe manager training, safety awareness improvement training