Security Consulting

Threats and Vulnerability Assessments & Security Check

We assess the possibility of threats and vulnerability results by investigating through the prospective of an organization’s hardware (buildings and facilities) and software (human resources) We check if the current contracted security agency are providing adequate security service or the security facilities works properly by using penetration methods for both hardware and software prospective.


Security Planning

We bespoke each security planning by its individual case and location after threats & vulnerability assessment and security checks.



Security Education and Seminars

We dispatch our instructors for variety of seminar context in needs for cooperate, organizations, public institutions, local authorities and schools.


> Schools and PTA

 School risk and management, anti-crime for protecting children and anti-crime seminar for children.

> Public Institutions and Local Authorities

 Risk management training, safe manager training, anti-crime volunteer training

> Corporate and Labor Unions

 Staff training, safe manager training, safety awareness improvement training