Scutum Integritas

Our motto is "Scutum Intergritas", which is a Latin word.
In English “Scutum” means Shield, and the word “Integritas” means Integrity, which represents dignity, honesty, principle and complete. As a security professional, we always keep in mind the quality of dignity, honesty, principle and undivided spirit during our service. CCTT as the security specialist will never to compromise to provide “Real Security” for our clients.

What's New

28 May 2022

Japanese Government announced that Japan will reopen the border for the foreign tourists from June 2022.


Protective Service

- Executive Protection Service
- High Net Worth Individual (HNWI) Security Service
- Oversea Protection Service


- International Security Educaion
- International Bodyguard Training
- Security Driver Training

Security Business Support in Japan

- Legal Security Education and Training Support

- Start-up Support for Establishing the CP Business



- Threat and Vulnerability Assessments

- Security and Protection Seminar

- Security Co-ordination