Confidentiality Obligation

Confidentiality will be clearly stated in the protective security agreement during its conclusion. We will strictly remain any kind of clients' information on high confidentiality in regards, followed by the confidentiality agreement and privacy protection law. This include during the first contact via telephone, fax, emails or any communication method. None of the information before/during or after the service will be exposed in any circumstances unless the requirement of government policies. Also related documents such as security plans, client information, interview memo will be destroyed accordingly. The additional NDA conclusion is available if necessary.

Liability and Compensation

CCTT is alliance with an insurance company in case of any loss and injury damage occurs to our clients during our service which enable to compensate according to protective security service liability and compensation insurance. (Japan exclusively)

- Compensation for physical injury  JPY 1 billion per person

- Compensation for property damage is JPY 100 million maximum per accident

Defined Agreement

All of the agreement content will be defined clearly after detailed discussion between clients and CCTT, and everything will be recorded in the writings. As for the service fee billings, we will issue the defined quotation after discussion with our clients accordingly.